Financial Literacy

SSS Greater Hartford 17In the midst of the transition that students make upon coming to college, learning to monitor their finances is critical. UConn’s Center for Academic Programs offers students assistance with understanding the process of financial aid and how to improve their own financial and economic literacy through educational information and counseling services.

When you know how to effectively manage your money, you will be better prepared to successfully meet your goals and have enough money to make them a reality. Below you will find helpful links to a variety of resources and presentations to begin your journey in navigating your own financial literacy.

Financial Literacy Resources

  • Financial Literacy 101 — An online financial literacy course designed for specific challenges faced by today’s high school and college student. It is available for free to all ETS, SSS, and CP students. Contact your program counselor or advisor for your access code.
  • UConn’s Office of Student Financial Aid Services – Consumer Information