This guide is designed to familiarize UConn students with different resources, departments, and
programs to help them navigate their journey in college. This is not an exhaustive list of
services, but it provides students with a starting point. Students should also visit
https://uconn.edu/ for specific contact information for many of the services listed here
and the CT Department of Children and Families http://www.portal.ct.gov/dcf for
additional resources for foster youth.

A printer friendly version of this guide can be found here: Fostering Academic Success Resource Packet.pdf

General Academic Resources

Your Academic Advisor

To schedule an appointment with your academic advisor visit http://advapp.uconn.edu. For more
information regarding whom your academic advisor is visit your Student Administration System at

Academic Center for Exploratory Students (ACES)

First Year Programs

Learning Communities

Academic Achievement Center

Student Support Services and Center for Academic Programs

Center for Students with Disabilities



The Office of Student Financial Aid Services – Student Employment provides information for students
interested in finding a job on or near campus. Students can apply for work-study positions or student
labor positions. More information about work-study versus student labor position differences can be
found at https://studentjobs.uconn.edu and https://studentjobs.uconn.edu/faqs/. For more information
and to look for job openings visit


Student Health Services

Counseling & Mental Health Services

Wellness & Prevention Services

Sexual Assault, Sexual Violence, and Resources

Student Care Team

Who to Contact about Discrimination, Harassment, Active Threats, Sexual Assault, Disability Accommodations, Violations of University Conduct Rules, or the Hiring and Search Process

Financial Services

The Office of Student Financial Aid Services helps students apply for, manage, and receive financial aid.
Most of the information regarding students’ financial aid can be found by logging into the Student
Administration System at https://studentadmin.uconn.edu/ and accessing the resources under
“Financial Aid” and “Finances.” Under “Finances,” students are able to view and pay their fee bill, pay
their room reservation fee, view their 1098-T, and more. If students have questions, they are encouraged
to contact the UITS Help Desk at 860-486-4357 or helpcenter@uconn.edu or click on the Student Help
Link on the top tool bar in the Student Administration System. For more information about the Office
of Student Financial Aid Services visit https://financialaid.uconn.edu/.

For more information specific for students who have been adopted or in foster care visit the
Connecticut State Department for Children and Families at
www.portal.ct.gov/DCF/CTFosterAdopt/Home. For information specific to students who have been
adopted visit www.portal.ct.gov/DCF/CTFosterAdopt/Adoption#CAPSEA for information regarding
college assistance. This information will be updated once more information is available

Center for Career Development

The Center for Career Development supports all students at UConn by providing programs and
experiences that can help them identify a course of study and participate in opportunities to prepare
them for future careers. Advisors can help students develop important career-related skills, such as how
to write a resume and cover letter, as well as how to approach job interviews.

Advisors in the Center for Career Development will help students start and develop a personalized
career plan during their time at UConn, which aims to help organize career goals and develop a plan of
action to achieve them. Even if a student is unsure about selecting a major or deciding on a career, the
advisors will help students explore their options.

Once students develop a career plan and course of action, the Center also helps students prepare for
their chosen careers by providing information on how to find and apply to internships, co-ops, research
positions, and volunteer opportunities.Once students graduate, the Center will help them carry out their plans for after graduation by providing information on how to apply to jobs, how to apply to graduate school, or how to engage in
post-graduate service.

For more information about the Center for Career Development and to schedule a coaching
appointment visit https://career.uconn.edu/personalizedcareerplan/.


UConn provides on-campus and off-campus transportation for students. Off-campus transportation
includes the UConn Health Shuttle, Bradley Airport Shuttle, Hartford Union Station Shuttle, New
London Ferry Shuttle, and Shuttle Bus Charters. Additionally, the U-Pass allows students to ride buses
and trains in Connecticut with just the U-Pass and your UConn student ID. Alternative transportation,
such as ZipCars and Amtrak trains, is also available. For information regarding the transportation
services on campus visit https://transpo.uconn.edu. For the Live Bus Tracker visit
www.huskygo.transloc.com, which can also be downloaded as the Ride Systems app on your phone.
Participating U-Pass Transit Services can be found at https://transpo.uconn.edu and to order your U-Pass visit https://transpo.uconn.edu/2019/02/26/new-tracking-app/.


The One Summer program manages all housing needs for any student or guest that arrives to campus
during the summer. They collaborate with university partners such as University Events and
Conferences Services (UECS), Dining Services, Nathan Hall Inn, Athletics, Summer Programs, and faculty. For more information about the One Summer program visit https://reslife.uconn.edu/one-summer/.

For more information about summer housing specifically for students whom have been adopted or in
foster care visit www.portal.ct.gov/DCF/. This information will be updated once more information is