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Major Highlight of Our Week! Celebrating TEN years of hard work, support and dedication to our students. We are honored to have her! TODAY WE CELEBRATE YES-C 🎉✨ ...

And today connecting with faculty and grad students across STEM field graduate programs at UMass Amherst along with the @suffolkmcnair Scholars! ...

10th McNair Summer!
UConn McNair Scholars ready to embark on 2 months of undergraduate research independent study, professional development workshops, and intensive graduate school preparation! Welcome back to campus! #trioworks

Graduating McNair Scholars:

Sharing congratulations and stating how proud of you we are is an understatement of how the McNair program truly feels about your accomplishments. All of the recognition and celebration of your UConn achievements AND what you’re embarking upon next is truly deserved, and more. Soak up every moment.

The McNair program looks forward to following you and supporting you through your next endeavors!

With sincere best wishes,
Dr. Renée