Daniel Angles-Alcazar

Assistant Professor, CLAS


Current Research Interests:

Computational astrophysics, galaxy formation, supermassive black holes, large-scale structure in the universe


Current Research Projects:

Available projects for students with Physics background and/or strong interests in Astrophysics include the analysis of data from supercomputer simulations to study different aspects of galaxy evolution, from star formation, galactic winds, and the co-evolution of supermassive black holes and galaxies to the growth of large-scale structure in the universe.

Opportunities for students in STEM majors with strong interests in data science include the “Colors of Astrophysics” program.  Students will produce scientific visualizations based on data from supercomputer simulations (see examples at https://angles-alcazar.physics.uconn.edu), developing computer programming skills for data manipulation (transferable to other fields) while applying their creativity to produce effective visualizations.