Legislative Hearing

SSS Students Testify At Legislative Hearing

SSS students Pierre Fils, Stephanie O’Neill, and Britney Reynolds (also a McNair Scholar) were among dozens of college students from throughout the state who testified at the Appropriations Committee Public Hearing on the Governor’s Budget Proposals Impacting the State’s Higher Education Agencies on Feb. 15, 2018. The three students shared with legislators their personal stories on the positive and transformational impact that being a UConn student, and a SSS participant, has had on their lives. Each student expressed their concerns about how they and future UConn students might be negatively impacted by proposed budget cuts to the university.

Their testimonies may be viewed at the following link: http://www.ctn.state.ct.us/ctnplayer.asp?odID=1499.  (Pierre’s testimony can be found 37 minutes into the video; Stephanie’s 1:39:39 in; and Britney’s 1:58:28 in.) Enjoy!